Big Sky Lodge Guesthouses

Big Sky Lodge - Guesthouses
Big Sky Lodge - Guesthouses

Surrounded by fruit-plantations, the BIG SKY LODGE Guesthouses are a wonderful place for families to enjoy holidays on the southeast coast of Grenada. It is a wildly romantic hideaway that offers opportunities for recreation, relaxation and nature appreciation. Our small restaurant and bar is famous for its delicious food and drinks.

The BIG SKY LODGE-Guesthouses are compact and comfortable and you can choose between Queensize-double bed or two single beds. Each room has its own covered veranda, toilet and bathroom.

Within a short distance of the BIG SKY LODGE Geusthouses, there are small shops and rum-bars. The main street can be reached in 5 minutes by foot and here you can find a petrol-station, a small supermarket, different workshops and a post-office. Although the different beaches can be reached by foot, it is advisable to rent a car to explore the other parts of Grenada.

The kitchen with large fridge, stove and oven is located 50 feet away from the rooms. You are wellcome to cook there and enjoy your meals in the sitting area were you also can play CD`s and watch DVD`s.

We are pleased to welcome children in our hotel. We always try to give our young guests the best service we can afford.

Wireless Internet access available for all our guests.


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